fwffrrgfSome believe that a kiss is one of the most intimate connections that two people can share but when it comes to Washington, D.C.’s Lipstick Serial Killer; a mere kiss could easily equate to death. The “Kiss of Death,” as she is known to the public; preys on attractive, young, black men with only one objective in mind: TO KILL! Sealing each murder with a sinful kiss to the frontal lobe, The “Kiss of Death” plots to destroy every man in her path for as long as she can. Tomorrow Robinson is an intelligent, beautiful and strikingly witty young woman with a bright future ahead. With pressures from her mother Janet to be perfect, she strives to be the best at everything she does; even if it means being seductively sneaky and down right malicious. Tomorrow has a secret that holds the key to many unanswered questions; secrets that could ultimately destroy the lives of the people around her, or aide in ending her own. Ride along this exciting journey and experience firsthand how the art of seduction is truly played. This story is filled with seductively sneaky twists and a plot that will leave you thirsting for more. Sex, lies, and murder have never been told quite like this! To watch “Tomorrow’s Seduction: Kiss of Death” OFFICIAL Book Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TvITqnJL2TU

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“Incredible and Fantastic”

Five Star Review on Amazon By LaTanya Garry

Wow.I was so into this book that I read it within a few hour’s and once it ended I was looking expecting some more pages to pop up.Yes it was that good but also funny. I love Tomorrow character and her being bipolar had me on the edge of my seat.Legacy that poor child didn’t know if she was coming or going.She allowed envy to guide her all the way towards her ending.Mishon I loved her character also because she was funny but also very blunt and didn’t bit her tongue. I can not wait until part 2 of this book is released

About the Author

Crystal “Xperience J” Judkins, a native of Alexandria, Virginia, began writing at the tender age of 7. From the moment she picked up a pen, she knew she’d never be able to put it down again. Coming from a musically talented and art infused family; she always had a tap in her feet and a song bellowing in her spirit. Early on, she had no doubt in her mind that the arts would be where she’d flourish. She is the author of an urban-intellectual book of poetry entitled “Unbarred: My Neo Hip-Hop Soul” and the current urban fiction novel “Tomorrow’s Seduction: Kiss of Death.” She is also the co-founder of Two Pens and a Grind Publications. X enjoys songwriting, recording, networking, and all around creating.

Check out the official book trailer for “Tomorrow’s Seduction: Kiss of Death” here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TvITqnJL2TU

“Tomorrow’s Seduction: Kiss of Death” is on FaceBook at: https://www.facebook.com/TomorrowsSeductionKissofDeath

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