51SDA0xjFdL._SX319_BO1,204,203,200_Jenny Wright has sworn off liars, bed-jumpers and cheats. Unfortunately that means she’s also sworn off love since those are the only kind of men she seems to attract. As a divorced mother of two, her main concern is protecting her sons and protecting her heart. But that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t like to find a nice, honest guy that’s ready to settle down, start a family and can sizzle in the bedroom. It’s really too bad that the only cowboy to get her all hot and bothered in ages is also the biggest flirt in all of Fate, Texas.
Riley West never thought he had a settling-down bone in his body. He has a reputation to uphold as the last standing bachelor of the “wild West boys” since his older brothers went and got themselves married. He loves women, all women, and he’s lucky enough to admit they’ve always loved him back. He enjoys his single lifestyle… or at least he thought he did until the night he finally lays a kiss on the sexy brunette and sparks fly.
One night together convinces Riley that he’s finally ready to change his ways but Jenny isn’t so easily swayed. Too bad the more she tries to push him away the more determined it makes him to have her and to keep her. Can he prove to her that he’s the forever guy she’s been looking for or is their happily ever after too good to be true?

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“Jess Bryant continues to make me feel like I live in Fate, Texas.”

Five Star Review on Amazon By micharch

Jenny and Riley have known each other since they were kids. They both grew up in Fate, Texas and have been circling around each other for years. Jenny is divorced with 2 children and Riley is the youngest West brother. Riley finds himself wanting what his brothers have, a wife and family to come home to. Jenny does not trust men easily and her ex-husband Rocky drives home the point at one point in the story. Riley lays it all on the line several times for Jenny but she is too scared and stubborn to take him and his feelings as being real. Riley wears her down throughout the book and finally gets to realize his dreams coming true at the end. The story flowed well and it was nice to see Devin, Maddie, Zach and Bluebell moving forward with their lives. Very nicely done and was glad I stumbled upon it.

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Small town girl/ dreamer. I write funny, sweet, tragic, steamy, dirty, sexy romance novels in my spare time. It Had To Be You coming February 2016!

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