vsvfdssA paranormal Mage series filled with magic, mystery, and adventure. Torn Fox is exciting and funny with a touch of the macabre. Fifty years after their world was destroyed in the Dragon Wars, humans have begun to rebuild their society with the very energy source that helped them survive the war— Magic. In the war, Modern Technology was shattered, paranormal creatures came out of hiding, and the polar icecaps melted in the fight for survival. In a post-apocalyptic world where magic works instead of electricity, teenage twins Craven and Tom try to master their new Mage skills while trying to pass school tests, survive werewolf attacks, Esprits, a mysterious new sister, a meddlesome specter and a missing older brother!

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“A good read for both adults and teens”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Mystery loves history

This is really about growing up and discovering the world around you is bigger than you think. Besides, the characters are well drawn. The authors sense of humor will appeal to both adults and kids.

About the Author

In my work, I concentrate on the bonds between man, nature and animals because I think God created all of us to be part of a whole, not just individuals. While our individuality is important, equally vital is our connection to each other.  Why do I choose the subjects I paint? I paint a variety of subjects so that I don’t become stale by constantly using the same topics. My representational art is dominated by landscapes and simple images of everyday life (past and present), pets, and animals. The Abstracts and Imaginative Realism paintings I do purely for fun. It exercises my mind as well as stretching my creative limits. Stories can be visual as well as written and I love painting vintage scenes: If well done, viewing it can mentally and emotionally transport you back to a bygone era. Pets and other animals have so much they can teach us about freedom, responsibility and unconditional love. When I paint them, I always strive to capture the personality of that pet or animal. Many of my landscapes have water features because I just really enjoy the life and movement water gives to images. I feel art should have an emotional impact on the viewer; it should speak up for itself. If artwork doesn’t evoke some type of emotion, I don’t care how technically perfect it may be–to me it is not art. I also prefer my art to say something positive. We owe it to ourselves not to spread gloom and despair all over everyone! There is enough of that out in the world without artists celebrating it!

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