Tough Love 4 the Misguided Lady by Valerie Howell

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Book Description

51oOUWcypGL._SX381_BO1,204,203,200_This book is about being open and honest, about problems of today with young adult women in urban (ghetto) neighborhoods. Some women are forgetting about teaching and parenting their children. We women birth these children, doesn’t matter if the father is around or not you have to do the best you can to make sure your child has the proper upbringing! Don’t make your child a victim of your foolish decisions. Love yourself enough to know that you have to get better for the both of y’all. It won’t happen overnight, but you can start down a new path at any time. All you have to do is believe in yourself!

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About the Author

This book has the following chapters: Ladies Luck, Parent-less, Bypassing the Haters, Staying Positive & Prayerful, Broken-Hearts, The Wrong Kind of Love, Not Mothering-Enough, The Bad Touch, Marrying Unsure?, Rebuilding Stronger Families, Men on the Down-Low, Letting Go, Tear-less, Passing Time for Mommies.

I was a child that was raised by a single-mother who didn’t have much experience with parenting that caused me to go out unto the world and do me. I was pretty much on my own since 13-years moving from house to house while trying to go to school. I’ve been through domestic violence, abuse from a mate, been molested as a child, on top of all that grew-up, became and adult that has had to face real-world problems on my own. It’s hard growing up not having someone to guide you. I have three children of my own, two with special needs and a three year old.

Tough Love 4 the Misguided Lady is helping teenage girls and young adults to open up their eyes to see, that all that glitters out here isn’t bright. To often we females trust a nice smile, that could possibly lead us into a troublesome relationship.

Too often abuse is labeled as physical, while true, abuse can be financial, emotional, or verbal abuse. Verbal abuse is the worst because constantly have someone in your ear telling you one minute “your great”, in the same mouth, next sentence “will take you put you down make you feel like the smallest thing on the planet.” That’s not a normal relationship, no one should be degrading you and talking to you like your a child.

So if you been through any of the things I mentioned read my book. Remember you are strong, anyone can leave an unhealthy relationship, love yourself enough to know you can do bad by yourself, and more importantly think about your children.