The Tranquil Man by John ‘JT’ Roberts

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This book is a romantic and adventurous tale about a British Soldier called ‘JT’ and his challenging life while serving as a full time professional in the British Army. He spends his final years in a nursing home on the North East coast of England and talks of confrontation in the harsh jungles of South East Asia; highlighting the conditions faced by soldiers in 1940’s –1960’s Malaya, Borneo and other regional countries. There are accounts of serious incidents that emphasise the huge problems associated with active service nearer to home and the friendships and camaraderie that develops; when soldiers work and train together, especially in active service conditions. ‘JT’ the main protagonist, is a highly trained ‘tough as old boots ‘ Welsh character who just loves to get stuck in to adventurous, challenging situations. His experiences and training cover many types of terrain; from jungles, mountains, deserts, ice/snow and urban warfare. The novel is based on factual events and true life experiences, only names and characters have been changed to avoid any possible repercussion, or embarrassment. The tale begins when ‘JT’ moves into the nursing home where he meets Nurse Rose. He tells her stories about his exciting and adventurous life; his dreams and memories. Then strange coincidences begin to bring long forgotten feelings and emotions flooding back; forcing him to ask himself the inevitable question: “Can it be possible?

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Publisher: Poetry-Military Adventures