The highs and lows of Niels’ life are punctuated by the crossing of oceans and cultures as well as the political manoeuvrings of a turbulent time in Europe, the United States and the Caribbean.
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Book Description:

Transfer traces the lives of those on Anna’s Fancy, the Clausen estate on Saint Croix in the Danish West Indies, handed down through three generations. An historical novel and the sequel to Fireburn (OC Publishing 2017), Transfer sees Niels Clausen, the illegitimate child of a Danish landowner and his black mistress who both died as a result of the 1878 worker revolt, leave his adoptive mother’s sugar plantation and sail to England to continue his education.

With the help of Toby, a British aristocrat, Ivy, a lady’s maid turned lady and her botanist husband, Timothy, Niels challenges the perceptions on the streets of London of a black man at the turn of the 20th century. His development as a writer and political protagonist continues as he travels to Denmark and France where he meets up with childhood friends, Javier and Fabiana Gomez, before returning to Saint Croix.

The Danish West Indies face an uncertain future as the declining sugar industry lessens Denmark’s interest in their colonial outpost. Niels becomes increasingly involved in the future of the islands as war looms and concerns grow that Germany might covet a presence in the Caribbean. Will the islands’ security be guaranteed by the transfer of power to America?

The highs and lows of Niels’ life are punctuated by the crossing of oceans and cultures as well as the political manoeuvrings of a turbulent time in Europe, the United States and the Caribbean.

This is the second book by author Apple Gidley about St Croix. Based on her first novel "Fireburn" which I loved. Transfer follows several characters from Fireburn and their children twenty years later. I could not put down this book, just like the first with the lush descriptions of places and life not only in St Croix, but also in Copenhagen, Paris, London and Spain. This sequel focuses mainly on the children from "Fireburn" as they go off to explore the world and develop their talents as writer, artist, Doctor, and in politics. Transfer is also about St. Croix moving from being a colonial outpost of Denmark to becoming a part of the United States Virgin Islands. Change is in the wind for all. I was captivated by the well researched portrayal of each character and their interactions with real historical figures and places during the turn of the century. The author is very comfortable with many languages and has an excellent sense of place. I highly recommend Transfer.

-- Globalwritemom

It’s the second in a series of historical fiction set on the island of St. Croix. Beautifully written. Colorful descriptions. Wonderful characters. Intriguing backdrop. And so fun to learn new words from the island people. A great snuggle-up-in-bed and escape to another time.

-- Elizabeth A. Bartasius

About the Author ▸ Apple Gidley

Apple Gidley, an Anglo-Australian author, whose life has been spent absorbing countries and cultures, considers herself a global nomad. When not on St Croix in the US Virgin Islands, she can be found in Houston, Texas. She has moved 26 times, and has called twelve countries home (Nigeria, England, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Papua New Guinea, The Netherlands, Trinidad and Tobago, Thailand, Scotland, USA, Equatorial Guinea), and her experiences are described in her first book, Expat Life Slice by Slice (Summertime 2012). Her roles have been varied – from magazine editor to intercultural trainer, from interior designer to Her Britannic Majesty’s Honorary Consul. Now writing full time, Apple evocatively portrays peoples and places with empathy and humour, whether writing travel articles, blogs, short stories or full-length fiction.
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