Transformational Relationship 

by – Kenn Mark (Author)

for Singles, Couples, Parents and Church Groups: Useful for Personal Development, Relationship Workshops and Seminars 

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Book Description:

Transformational Relationship for Singles, Couples, Parents, and Church Groups is an assemblage of vital tools that will guide you in discovering who your right marriage partner is. It is based on the principles of God’s word and guidance. In this book, Kenn Mark unveils the building blocks that will give your marriage a solid foundation and bring joy into your union. He also distilled proven wisdom that will empower your parenting skill, leading to transformation in your life and your child’s life.

‘In the days after I first read this book, I found myself picking it up and re-reading individual chapters. They stand on their own merit and are full of rich content. Every chapter ends with questions to reflect on and invites you to engage with that chapter in prayer. It is a book for the individual looking for an MOT of their own soul, for couples to apply together and for churches to use as the outline for teaching.’
Tony Hall Senior Pastor
Hope Church, Bromley Borough, London, UK

Kennedy Mark leads Hope Church in Downham, London. He is also the founding director of the Ambassadors of Grace Ministries, which has helped many hurting marriages and families through the relationship workshops and seminars that he hosts with his wife, Madeline. His previous book, ‘My Beautiful Garden’ has been a blessing to many who seek to understand the secrets for successful marriage and family life. Kenn lives in South East London with his family. For more resources from him, log on to