Transforming Pandora by Carolyn Mathews

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Book Description

41lwZwt8T3L._SX296_BO1,204,203,200_You don’t have to be a New Age flower-child to enjoy Pandora’s visits from a spectral guru who unexpectedly comes to call. She’s a newly single lady of a certain age, who’s torn between what’s best for her body and what’s best for her soul. Can her spiritual coach help her satisfy both her spiritual and romantic desires?

Transforming Pandora is Book One in the Pandora Series. Others in this series are Squaring Circles – Pandora Series – Book Two – pISBN9781782797050 – Roundfire – 2014 & Pandora’s Gift – Pandora Series – Book Three – pISBN9781785351754 – Roundfire Books – 2015.

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“A wonderful account of the twists and turns of a woman’s life.”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Glynis Jolly

Carolyn Mathew tells an exciting tale about a woman’s life from the time the character is 18 until her early fifties. As I read this book I could mentally visualize the scenes of Pandora’s life. Depth into the character’s personality was always front and center.

This isn’t a book you rip roar through. It’s better to savor the moments of each scene. This is a woman’s book, although there may be gentlemen out there who would enjoy it as well.

About the Author

Carolyn Mathews was born in London, of Irish parents. Surviving a convent education, she explored various career paths before becoming an English lecturer and writer of books and plays for language students.

Married, with two grown sons and now living in Hertfordshire, she practises yoga and meditation whenever possible, in the hope of eventually getting them right. She is a member of the Society of Authors.

Genre: romance, humour, suspense, spirituality

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