xCxTransform National: Journey of a Bastard by Lamont Robinson is an inspiring story of how one man overcame the trials of his past from Chicago’s violent West Side to develop a path to personal success, despite countless obstacles that sought to derail him. Life can be difficult, but we are all given the ability to fight for survival. We are all equipped with an inner desire and outward ability to change our future paths. This book details Robinson’s own personal transformation, sharing his amazing journey as he has mastered the art of using life’s challenges as motivation to succeed rather than as license to fail. Transform Nation, Robinson’s inspirational movement which he believes can transform nations one soul at a time, is the cornerstone of this book that he dedicates to his mother and also to the single parents and children in poor and violent areas who seek a safer, more stable life. Pick up your copy of Transform National today and you might just begin to see life through fresh new eyes.

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” Must read”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Erin Lewis

A candid, raw, vulnerable story that will open your eyes to trials and tribulations hardly conceivable by most. I couldn’t put it down, and read it cover to cover in one sitting. I firmly believe Lamont was serendipitously placed in my path for a reason and I will carry his story with me always – the good and the bad of it.

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Diversity is vital to success. I’m a husband; father; supplier diversity professional; author of book titled TransformNational: Journey of a Bastard

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