Public Defender Loren Archer is kidnapped. Taken to an abandoned farmhouse, she finds herself locked up with two other captives. Two hotter-than-sin male captives. Although Cris and Garrett awaken her deepest fantasies, Loren knows they need to focus on escaping. But all the focus in the world can’t keep her from realizing what’s been missing in her life. She wants to be loved.

Detectives Cristiano Rodriguez and Garrett Deveroe try to help the woman they hear screaming. Instead, they are drugged and kidnapped for their trouble. Trapped in an old house, they quickly discover deadbolts on doors and casement windows and that there is no apparent way out. Ordinarily, being alone with one woman they both want wouldn’t pose a problem, but Loren is as much victim as they are, and they need to tread carefully.

After days locked in a house with nothing to do, it’s only a matter of time before the tension snaps–but will it lead to time-outs or time in bed?
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I write erotica romance. Pubbed with Loose Id. Member of and Passionate Ink

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