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Tree of Lives by Elizabeth Garden

Tree of Lives by Elizabeth Garden

Based on actual events, Tree of Lives follows Ruth, an unconventional commercial artist, and her murderous great uncle Raymond. His secret, but very public tragedy sets the course for Ruth’s lifetime of wrong turns. Her only allies are her imagination, a strong inner compass, and a little luck. Illustrated.
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“Mystery unspools with suspense”

Five Star Review on Amazon by David Cohen

A very good read! Elizabeth Garden’s lushly detailed descriptive language draws the reader deep into the psyches of her fearfully challenged characters. I enjoyed being jolted across dreamscapes, former lives, and present actions as the story’s core mystery unspools with suspense reminiscent of Hanya Yanagihara’s “A Little Life”. As a special bonus, “Tree of Lives” includes numerous visual images, literally opening the reader’s eyes to even more dimensions of the trouble and enlightenment this novel brings to life.

About the Author

“Life is like a garden. For an abundant harvest, we must water abundantly, thin carefully, nourish the soil and watch for uninvited pests.”
So says author Elizabeth Garden, 63, who spent her Wonder Years in Connecticut’s Fairfield County. A frustrated horse enthusiast, she channeled her appreciation of their magnificence into painting and design. Despite struggling as a single mother, she built a successful career as an award-winning art director. She enjoys studying human and spiritual potential. Tree of Lives, a true story, is her first book.

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