It’s All True (although it may not have happened) by Renato Bratkovič

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Book Description

31-AF7zXfWL._UX250_It’s All True (although it may not have happened) is a new short story collection by bilingual Slovenian writer Renato Bratkovič. Stories:
Dorian From The Pictures
The Tie
Fat Fatale
You’re Not Sitting On Two Chairs!
The Tribe
Washed In Blood
High Midnight
Bicycle Thieves

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About the Author

Renato Bratkovič is an advertising creative, fiction writer and blogger from Slovenia. He writes in Slovene (his mother tongue, of course, he does) and in English (a bridge to global readers). He’s published a short story collection Ne poskušajte tega doma (Don’t Try This At Home) in 2012, his story High Midnight has appeared in Noir Nation 3 (VegaWire Media), and The Tribe is one of the stories in Exiles: An Outsider Anthology (Blackwitch Press). Find me on Patreon:

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Renato Bratkovič je oglaševaski kreativec, pisec proze in bloger iz Slovenije. Piše v slovenščini (seveda, saj je njegov materni jezik) in angleščini (most do globalnega bralstva). Leta 2012 je izdal zbirko kratkih zgodb Ne poskušajte tega doma, njegova zgodba Točno opolnoči je bila objavljena v Noir Nation 3 (VegaWire Media), Pleme pa je ena od zgodb v Exiles: An Outsider Anthology (Blackwitch Press). Poiščite ma na Patreonu: