The morals of three suburban neighbors are tested, as they each journey down a dark path of self reflection, searching for their vision of happiness.

Comedian, Sam Beechman, struggles to repair his failing marriage, while still trying to be a good dad to his eight-year-old daughter, Abbie. After him and his wife, Paige, decide to separate, Sam finds himself engaging in a sexually charged relationship with an old high school acquaintance, Carrie Wilson. Carrie pushes Sam’s boundaries, and forces him to decide what’s more important: the freedom to do whatever he wants, or the security that comes with being surrounded by a loving family.

Next door to the Beechmans, are Emily and Dr. Jonathan Drako (aka Drako). On the night of their forty-year anniversary, Emily and Drako attempt to have a nice, quiet dinner at home. But when Emily is violently struck by an oncoming vehicle while crossing the street, Drako finds his world turned upside down.

Across the street is the only homosexual couple in the neighbor: Marcus Stratford and Jim Walker. Marcus and Jim have been trying desperately to adopt a child for a year, having every door slammed in their faces. The stress of the rejection – coupled by Jim’s incessant pressure and nagging – forces Marcus to stray and find companionship in a male model named Neil. A companionship that may have fatal consequences attached to it.
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