True Truth by Gregory L Little

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Book Description:

Strip away all lies, deceptions, excuses, and blame, and what remains is True Truth. This brief book contains several of the key ideas and concepts put forth in the book Freedom To Change. It is a self-coaching book that presents largely unappreciated truths about human nature and the human condition. The book provides an optimistic outlook of the ability of individuals to find their true path in life—a path that reflects their underlying ability and interests leading them to happiness and success. It is not intended to be an alternative for professional psychiatric, mental health, or medical treatment. A more detailed discussion of the contents as well as additional concepts can be found in Freedom To Change.

True truth was a term that emerged in the 1800s and was a way to bridge the gap between Native American and White settlers’ perceptions of the conflicts that ensued between the two cultures. True Truth is complete honesty in viewing reality without engaging excuses, blame, or deception. Looking at your life from a position of true truth gives you real freedom. It allows you to comprehend your life in a different and powerful way.

In a very real way, True Truth is seeing yourself as you really are, seeing your circumstances for what they really are, and seeing what you really can be. There are no excuses when confronted with true truth about yourself. There are reasons for everything, of course, but most of the reasons involve past choices. Once you are an adult, life is all about making choices. You decide how you’ll spend your brief time here. You decide what’s important to you.

Here you will learn about the three major human drives. You’ll explore the meaning of life. You’ll be given simple tools to change the things that you can, and you will learn the concept of self-creation. True Truth is the distillation of key concepts from the book Freedom To Change.
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