Jack Lee Bronson is a former Captain in Her Majesty’s Royal Marines, trained in military intelligence. He travels worldwide to help people in desperate trouble, playing by his own rules. The gloves are off. This is no light read, so if you’re not made of strong stuff, this will prove too intense for you and you’d best find something less potent. Please heed the warning.

He’s seized on his way to Devonport Naval Base, deep in South West England, and thrown into a brutal prison on a trumped up charge. He sees a female officer in the next cell bound, brutally flogged and gang raped by crazed inmates on the rampage.

A spiralling bank card scam is traced to the prison. The police are getting nowhere fast. The Governor feels the heat, soon learns of Bronson’s reputation and pleads with him to help. He agrees and teams up with the esteemed Detective Inspector Lauren Golding,and gifted Cambridge scientist Dr. Simon Solomon. The formidable trio go through hell and high water to crack the scam.

Meanwhile, deep underground, hidden from prying eyes, certain prisoners get a taste of good old fashioned hard labour. They slog through fourteen hour days breaking rock with pickaxes. They’re shackled in gangs of seven. But this is hard labour with a twist: their overseers are three sexy young women with an attitude. Each has a terrible personal history with men, and they’re out for revenge on the darker sex. They lay their long, leather whips deep into the men’s backs. Without mercy.

The women get the better of men outside work, too. They devise clever traps to catch cheating husbands through online dating games. They soon catch ski instructor Mark – he soon learns what a woman’s wrath can really be like. Any lady readers who bear a grudge will devour it.

While Mark suffers, Bronson, Golding and Solomon edge nearer to the heart of the scam. Corrupt prison officers, with some outside help, have devised cunning means to perpetrate an ingenious scam drawing on basic materials around them. They invoke Dartmoor’s rich industrial heritage to source the materials they need.

The women break Mark and find he’s no ski instructor, but a gifted process engineer, who’s in on the scam. They torture him and the corrupt officers in ways you won’t believe. Please heed the warning.

Bronson, equipped with military equipment, enters the prison through a secret underground passage that leads in from the open moor. He uses Shotokan Karate to dispose of those who get in his way. But he’s in for one hell of a shock.

Get stuck in and kiss boredom goodbye…

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About the Author

Jack Lee Bronson is a former Captain in HM Royal Marines. He specialized in military intelligence, but is now a free agent. A lone vigilante who helps desperate people in a way no-one else can.

As he drives across bleakest Dartmoor, a man in camo fatigues fires a stinger across the road. His tyres are taken out and he’s thrown onto granite scree. A hidden device blows the road apart and military police arrive from the nearby live firing ranges. They say the device was his. He’s been set up. He’s got no clue what the hell is going on. 

The Commandant of Stonecrack Battle Camp interrogates him and labels him a terrorist. He’s thrown in the heinous Gravestown Prison. He sees a female guard dragged by crazed inmates on the loose. She’s strung up, flogged savagely and gang raped.

The Governor  finds Bronson has a background none can equal. He pleads for a week of his time to crack a viral bank card scam. The police are getting nowhere. He teams up with glamorous DI Lauren Golding and Cambridge scientist, Dr. Simon Solomon. The trio lay their lives on the line. The scam is unprecedented, thanks to the intellectually gifted process development engineer, Mark.

Three sexy prison guardesses have each had successive dreadful relationships with men. They’ve come to despise the darker sex, and are intent on making men pay. They devise cunning online dating games to trap cheating husbands. Luckily for them, engineer Mark is among them. They use savage techniques to extract intricate details of the scam. If you’re a woman who holds a grudge against a man who’s done you wrong, you will delight in the living hell they put Mark through. Reading it will cleanse your soul…

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