This book can improve every aspect of your life, from Health, Fitness, Wellbeing through to refining your Martial Arts techniques What I’ve discovered has not only changed me but also how I see and interact with the world. I’ve realised that most people live in a state of tensed readiness waiting to react to what ever gets thrown at us. This can be very limiting and over a period of time damaging to our mind, body and spirit. I’ve changed my thinking and have found a more efficient way to coexist with myself and with my environment. I’ve written this book in two volumes to clarify how simple adjustments can improve your daily life. Many principles are the same for martial arts, fitness and general wellbeing, but they have different applications. They are individually different but also overlap as the same, without defined boundaries, they have opposites that come together as one.
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About the Author

My name is Mike Bowden
I’m a personal and business coach, also a published author.

I have several decades of business experience established through retail sales and management. Combined with my qualifications in Life Coaching, NLP, CBT, Stress Management techniques, I help professional people that need to get to the next level in their career or with their business.

​I use a tailored approach to benefit my clients, guiding them towards a better lifestyle, a greater sense of purpose and to have a more successful workplace. I motivate people to change their lives one decision at a time, through life coaching, career coaching and business coaching so they gain a better quality of life and a more fulfilling work life balance.

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