51+NccbvZ2L._SX373_BO1,204,203,200_This is a book of poetic works which ask all the questions pertaining to existence, religion and politics; and with verity speaks the truth of life’s struggles with love, drug abuse, depression and even dips a toe into the waters of beyond this world. It all ties together, however. Let me show you a world without hate and absent segregation; a world where the multifarious inhabitants work together to obtain the truth of our beginnings, not blindly follow in the footsteps of their prosaic minded predecessors that choose to ignore the fact that what they’ve been raised to believe is the only path to love and peace, is in-fact in no small part, part of the very problem. Before you launch your, faith laden-lip my way, read the book. I’m not jotting down conspiracy theories in a notebook and calling them poems, or some anti-Christ bent on the dismantling of modern religion. Within the pages of this book are two decades of intellectual ponder; questions brought to the light by someone who is not afraid to entertain every possibility. Try to remain unchanged, I highly doubt you will.

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Poetry is my life. In-fact, at times too much so. There are nights I stay awake well into the hours of the following day, due to only the possibility that a poetic work will come to fruition and find the eyes of someone that will be touched by the piece enough to say, “wow”, or something indicative of a positive emotional response. It’s what I write for. If your art cannot be shared and appreciated, then what good is it at all? If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound? We have all heard that one before, and the answer is, who cares, nobody heard it. Far better than stimulating someones brain by way of entertainment, is awakening their mind with a piece so laden in fiduciary annotations that you just might change their whole perspective on the world for the better. I believe I have a few a those; a few pieces of significants which you may find to be worth your money and time. I am an agnostic thinking, non-conformist, and I started my wander into ponder and my writing at a very young age. I have scribed all my intellectual conclusions which pertain to my views on the ways of the world’s politics and religions, as well as my multitude of horror, science fiction, and love stories, and put them in these books to share with the world. Take a look inside one and change your literary world forever. There’s a new world to be seen; and it’s filled with a wild and eclectic, intellectually charged collection of literary works that bear a similitude to nothing else you’ve ever seen.
Original and fresh, something for everyone. If you never liked poetry, you will now. If you love poetry, you’re renewing your vows.

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