Tryst with the Double Helix portraits the life-long pursuits of an Indian migrant British Doctor sharing the complex interactions of his life-long career struggle, contributions and achievements in the United Kingdom. Explicit details include the ancestral origin, early schooling, medical education, ambitious medical career, balancing personal family life, nurturing professional life around his patients and families affected with birth defects, rare inherited childhood and genetic cardiovascular diseases. His landmark contributions include genomic applications in clinical medicine, precision, personalised and preventive healthcare. An honest, fair and justified appraisal of the holistic role of the Double Helix on the outcomes of genes, genomes and the impact on precision clinical and preventive medicine and global health, particularly across the emerging economies in developing countries in all continents.
From the Foreword by Professor Sir John Burn:
“…It is clear that Dhavendra’s passion for his subject and commitment to “levelling up” genomic healthcare across the world is undimmed. This book is a valuable record of a doctor’s life well lived and an appropriate way marker of his official retirement from direct patient care as his international academic leadership continues, hopefully for many years to come.”