An original ecological disaster thriller. Turf Wars predicts an apocalyptic and challenging future for mankind. Fully deserving of it’s five star reviews this novel toys with your beliefs, fears and emotions throughout.

Just as the problems at Ingleton Manor appear to be coming to an end, Lord Arthur Quail makes an observation that his head gardener, George, takes very seriously.

George has a habit of running away from his problems but from this, there is nowhere to run. Pushed along by a cast of well-meaning, but often misguided friends and colleagues, his troubles have only just begun when his name is given to a deadly virus.

Scientifically plausible and fully researched, this novel is sometimes touching, occasionally humorous and at times frightening. This story may challenge your beliefs and prejudices as it tackles real-life problems in a unique way. Predicting the course of this roller coaster is impossible, and it will keep you guessing right to the very end.

This book contains adult themes, and the author suggests it is suitable for readers aged 16+

Human society has created a fascinating and complex system that supports billions of people. In the West, we benefit from a food production and distribution network able to overcome major disasters, and that can even adapt to counter the disruption of war and conflict.

However, just below this robust system, there lies the food chain, its fragility, until now, never seriously challenged.

Our beautiful planet and its many ecosystems may appear to be self-balancing: Life on this blue world would eventually, recover even after a serious break in the food chain, but will that life continue to include mankind?

People are not all brave, selfless heroes and if our society were to collapse what would be the outcome? Who would survive and how?
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Many funny stories that create a real drama”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Magical Mystery Man

Hard to put this novel down. It draws you in with puzzles and twists. Rather too many characters for my poor memory so I had to go back a bit to refresh my memory twice. Other than that, it was a very good read with many surprises along the way.

About the Author

Richard Thomas Weston attended schools in Stevenage, where he developed an active imagination. In the mid-70’s his Environmental Sciences teacher inspired him to write a novel that wasn’t completed until forty years later.

In the mid-80’s he had a diagnosis of dyslexia confirmed. Slowly learning to understand and manage the symptoms, Richard developed techniques that improved his reading, memory and to finally conquer writing.

Photography dominated most of his employment: Richard started as a colour printer in Stevenage, before training as a portrait photographer. Then he moved to photographic retailing, managing a shop in Hitchin for over 15 years.

In 1992 he acquired his own camera store with Kodak Express photolab in Letchworth Garden City. Here he wrote and produced a story-board for a 20 second TV commercial that was also screened in local cinemas. In 1995 he added a mail order department and became the UK’s 1st Powerseller with his user name ‘a.bargain’

But by 2010, Richard was becoming disillusioned by the direction of the Photographic Trade and its ever declining profit margins. He made a bold decision to leave the trade he had worked for all his life to become a gardener!

Gardening allowed Richard more ‘thinking time’ and far less pressure and stress. While he enjoyed the outdoor life and natural environment his leading character in Turf Wars, morphed from a civilian groundsman on an RAF base to a Lord’s gardener.

By now, Richard had tried to write his story no less than four times. Each time his dyslexia and lack of planning resulted in work that even he didn’t want to read. The trash bin on his computer was getting full.

In August 2015, Richard was gardening with his son Tom, when he suffered a TIA ( a kind of mini-stoke ). For several minutes, he was unable to recall the names of even his closest family. While he was fully recovered, he was left with a worry that, ‘in the blink of an eye’, he could forget his story, one which had been evolving for almost forty years.

So he tried again; after much preparation, he found his work flowed onto the pages with great ease. Finally, he was happy with his work and he released Turf Wars – Ingleton Manor, first as an eBook, then after receiving good reviews in both the UK and US, he produced a limited edition paperback.

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