Twisted Fate by Mel Evers

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Book Description:

250 years ago, Melisandra found love, had hope and was human. But soon after love’s first kiss, her world turned to darkness. Her father’s senior advisor, an evil man, obsessed with possessing Melisandra, turns her into society’s most feared and hated race, a vampire. His plan fails when Melisandra turns to Bethany to keep her safe. Enraged, he murders Bethany. Her heart and soul in tatters, Melissa hides in the darkest corner of the first ship leaving port, not caring where she ends up.

Centuries later, Melisandra, who is now Dr. Melissa Craft, lives simply and works hard alongside humans, but resists any form of romantic love. Enter Sage, a beautiful woman with autumn eyes, who, in the span of a heartbeat, steals Melissa’s heart. As she surrenders to the idea of pursuing a relationship, Melissa receives a package. The familiar handwriting rattles her bones and strikes her core with a surge of hate, an emotion she’d never experienced before.

Can Melissa come up with a plan to rid her life of the insane immortal chasing her through time and keep Sage safe without losing what’s left of her humanity?

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Five Star Review on Amazon By EvOmnix

About the Author

Death saved me. I woke up to a wonderful life that, before facing the grim reaper, had escaped my attention. My college years were mostly harbored in my room, studying or writing. The introvert in me, continued on after marriage and three kids. That’s when Mother Nature slapped me in the back of the head and woke me up. Happiness revealed itself once I got out of my own way. I disposed of the pieces of others’ beliefs. The glorious light in the dark lit up what I had all along. My dark side now hiding behind my calves peeks its head out every so often reminding and supporting all of who I am. I love being me. I honor me therefore I honor you. To see what’s hidden inside our hearts is a gift. As a whole… I am a woman. I am strong. I forgive. I move on. I progress. I will leave this earth knowing I followed my dreams.

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