Twisted Trees by Tony Berry

Once a spy always a spy…

Former British secret agent Bromo Perkins finds his strings being pulled again in Tony Berry’s latest crime thriller, Twisted Trees.

Bromo’s long been ‘retired’ to Australia where he runs a one-man travel agency.

His clients are a select group – including other ‘sleepers’, acting on orders from London, people like businessman Dave McCoy.

But Bromo soon discovers somebody has it in for the Melbourne McCoys.

Four siblings of the family are one by one hunted, humiliated and brutally assaulted.

Torture, head-shaving, arson and drowning are the means.

Two die from their wounds, and The Tree Surgeon proclaims his mission with chilling messages.

But where there is trouble in Bromo’s life, there is always the lovely Liz Shapcott to help dig him out.

Together they begin the peel back the layers of McCoy’s past, eventually leading all the way back to the London Blitz.

But not before Bromo has himself suffered his own beating at the hands of … who exactly?

Who really is fellow agent Steve Stone? Under the surface, who is Dave’s new partner, the self-styled Melissa McCoy? And how does the decrepit old-timer George Smith, who lives in luxurious splendour, fit in?

And can Bromo and Liz finally clinch it as a couple by together solving the riddle of who is the real McCoy?

Tony Berry’s Twisted Trees is the latest in the popular Bromo Perkins series of crime thrillers, which began with debut novel Done Deal, followed by Washed Up and The Devil Deals in Diamonds. His fourth book expands on themes and characters already firmly established, and continues to deliver fast-paced action with outrageous humour and subtle sexual banter.

Praise for Tony Berry

“A gripping crime story” – Nicole Lindsay, the Herald Sun

“Bromo’s dialogue is snappy and he’s a man of action” – Australian Crime Fiction Website

Berry, is a lifelong journalist and fiction writer in the UK and Australia. Both Done Deal and Washed Upwon the New South Wales Genre Fiction award.
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About the Author

Tony Berry is a lifelong journalist working in the UK and Australia. Done Deal, his first novel, met with immediate success by winning a New South Wales Genre Fiction Award.

A sequel, Washed Up, followed a year later and that too won a NSW Genre Fiction Award plus a mentorship from the Australian Society of Authors under acclaimed author Sophie Masson..

After a gap in which he concentrated on editing other writers’ works, he produced The Devil Deals in Diamonds, the third book in the series featuring disgraced secret service agent and reluctant sleuth Bromo Perkins as its hero and crime-solver.

In early 2016, Tony was accepted into the inaugural crime-writing residency at Canada’s prestigious Banff Centre for Excellence with best-selling crime writers Michael Robotham and Louise Welsh as his mentors. This was followed by the completion of Twisted Trees, his fourth book which, like its predecessors, is set in the inner Melbourne suburb of Richmond.

Late in 2016, Endeavour Books contracted with Tony to issue all four of the Bromo series as e-books. Done Deal and Washed Up were published in October and December respectively. The re-titled Death by Diamonds and Twisted Trees were scheduled to appear in early 2017.

Meanwhile, Tony is working towards the completion of the fifth Bromo Perkins book, tentatively titled Drone Dead.

Tony continues to be kept busy as a professional editor of fiction and non-fiction. For recreation, he competes regularly as one of the UK’s top age-group runners over distances from 5km to the full marathon and enjoys reliving his 1980s detour into life as a chef by cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

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