During a routine business trip to Tokyo, Alan finds himself to be the sole survivor of a global pandemic. A viral disease wipes away all of humanity… and Alan’s past life. Fearing injury, sickness and hunger, he sets out to travel back to his family in Berlin, straight across Asia and 10,000 miles of hardship and adventure.
Suter combines post-apocalyptic elements with an adventurous road novel in this book about a man left alone on earth. The hardships and landscapes (the Gobi desert, Siberia) are described in all ferocity. A few other humans have survived as well, some eager to use the disaster for their own advantage. Electrifying chapters describe the encounter with Somerset, a charming yet psychotic warlord, who is assembling an army to conquer Moscow, if not the entire world.
An exciting, haunting book. “This apocalyptic thriller grabs you in the first couple of pages and never lets go.”
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“Good Adventure yarn at the end of the world with some flaws”

Five Star Review on Amazon by David W. Griffin

I enjoyed this book enough to buy it in paper and ebook. I gave the paper one to my Mom. It’s an interesting plague end of the world story and the journey is very interesting to read about. I did find the part about the crazy powermad survivors was a little implausible and the sudden ending to the story was a bit jarring too. But I definitely enjoyed the book.

About the Author

Clemens P. Suter is the author of adventure and action novels. Combining never-let-go writing, romance and humor, he has created highly entertaining books that take the readers to the end of the world – and beyond.
Before turning to writing, Clemens P. Suter has been a lecturer, scientist, radiation officer, anatomist, marketeer and IT professional. Married for 25+ years (unconventionally to the same wife), he is seriously proud of two sons and his black dog Buddy (which features in all of his novels).

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