by – D. M. Buckley (Author)

(Lexi O’Malley Series Book 2)

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Book Description:

After Nick Romano, a trouble-making prankster from her childhood, guilts her into helping him out while he recovers from a bullet wound he received on her behalf, newly certified process server, Lexi O’Malley, is out to prove a point when, with a condescending smirk, she’s handed off a service by Mark, a P.I. with Romano Investigations, after he was unable to get it handled. On her first assignment going solo, with her wits, gut instinct and plenty of attitude in her arsenal, she’s determined to get her man and rub the Affidavit of Service in Mark’s smug face, but when she finds herself in her subject’s home, only to exit a few minutes later just before a thunderous explosion shoots a huge fireball into the sky, she begins to have second thoughts about agreeing to the favor. As one comic misadventure follows another, she’s shot at, stalked by a crazed lunatic, has her head almost sliced off and, in the end, surprises not only her peers, but herself with her tenacity and ability to get the job done.

Reviews for the Book

D. M. Buckley has done it again. She has continued her series with enthusiasm, wit and creativity. I enjoyed reading about Lexi and the many trials and tribulations that she experiences during her new assignments. The author does a great job of re-introducing the characters from her first book and the progress they have made to the present. The bond and comradery between Lexi, Darcy, Isabel and Aunt Scarlett are humorous while at the same time very special. Through the quips and retorts one can see the loyalty and caring for each other. Wonderful relationships. This book is fast-paced, entertaining and a real page turner. It is light reading, yet the book stays on your mind for quite a while. I would definitely recommend it to everyone.
- CCMarvin

About the Author: D. M. Buckley

D. M. (Donna Marie) Buckley was born and raised, and still lives in Tampa Florida with her husband, where she is currently hard at work on The Fifth Wheel, the next Lexi O’Malley adventure.