Unbound by Andre Luiz Alves and Antonio P Bezerra

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Book Description:

Branca Dias endures the arrest, imprisonment and abuse of her mother and sister at the hands of the Inquisition in Portugal. Dias is a Jewish woman who has hid her family’s religion, but she was bold enough to continue to observe in secret. Eventually, she too is captured and tortured for heresy by the depraved inquisitor, Heitor Mendonça. The inquisitor is simultaneously enraged and passionately obsessed by Branca. Despite enduring emotional and physical torture at his hands, she manages to escape from Portugal. With little more than her wit and boundless courage, she and her children disguise themselves as slaves and flee to Brazil to become one of the first Jewish colonists.

But even across an ocean, the Inquisition follows on her heels. In 1591, Mendonça is appointed official inquisitor of Portugal’s new colonies and chases the one heretic who has consumed his mind and heart: Branca. Obsessed with her capture, Mendonça pursues her for three decades until, in 1593 he uncovers her whereabouts and brings her family back to Lisbon for an inhuman public trial.
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“History made entertaining and mesmerizing”

Five Star Review on Amazon by A. Martini

A book that tells a story that everyone needs to know that crosses the boundaries of religion, time, culture and inspire everyone of us to pursue our dreams despite all the obstacles that life presents us. This story based on a chapter of history unifies Portugal, Brazil and U.S. bringing us even closer to understand who we are and where we come from.

I recommend everyone to read this book based on a long and detailed research that went to 1500’s Portugal and colonial Brazil ending on the way to New Amsterdam (New York).

This book represents a piece of human history that we must know and understand. Great novel! Once you start reading you can’t stop!

About the Author

Andre Luiz Alves (aka Andre Alves) is an author, playwright, fiction writer, screenwriter, and producer, based in New York City. Born in Fortaleza, Brazil, he moved to the USA in 1985 and studied political science with an emphasis in international relations and hospitality management at New York University. Alves has worked in the hotel, real estate, music, and literary industries and helped establish Brazilian music as a major force in the New York club and concert scene. He has made the leap into the literary scene with Unbound, his first novel about the Inquisition in Portugal, which he penned with Paz-Bezerra, and the screenplay Branca, based on the novel. Alves is also the author of three other original screenplays: beat dancing, a black comedy, Contact Point, Leah Smets, an action thriller, and The Abode, a supernatural/horror story. He’s currently working on a two-act play Branca, based on his novel Unbound, and developing a television series and two screenplays: The Mark of Cain, based on a reimagining of the book of Genesis, and The Priest, a crime drama.

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Unbound by Andre Luiz Alves and Antonio P Bezerra

Author has recently published the book ▸Unbound by Andre Luiz Alves and Antonio P Bezerra. This book is avaiable on leading bookstores, get your copy now and help the author by writing a review of the book.

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