unnamedEllie Conger knew life didn’t get much better than the one she enjoyed – three wonderful children, a successful business dealing in show horses, great friends, a socially prominent husband with influential connections in their community – but it only took a few pieces of paper to bring this idyllic life crashing down around her. Now Ellie is plunged into a complex and emotionally devastating legal war for custody of her children against a vindictive man bent, not merely on winning, but on her complete destruction. From the heady world of the horsey set to the stark reality of the courtroom, Ellie must fight her own demons of alcoholism and depression as she battles for the only thing that matters in her life. However, when Ellie learns of what her young daughter has endured at the hands of her own father, in spite of the odds, Ellie knows there can only be one outcome….she has to save her children. Set against the backdrops of Lexington, Kentucky’s equestrian community and the trendy horse show scene in West Palm Beach, Florida, UNBRIDLED INJUSTICE chronicles one woman’s struggle against a corrupt legal system where justice is only available to the highest bidder and the well being of children is secondary to the egos of lawyers, judges and psychologists.

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“Excellent Read”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Tracey Metz

I was completely engulfed by this book. I read it very quickly because you truly do not want to put it down. To think that some of this book is based on actual events is pretty heartbreaking. Good prevails as it should though… I wish I could find more books like this to read….I simply loved it!!

About the Author

Ellie Boatman resides outside of Lexington, KY on her lovely horse farm, and is happiest at home among her broodmares, foals, and large herd of cattle. She continues to make her children, her priority. This is the first of several books to come.

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