I have everything I ever wanted.

I’m the Don of my family’s mafia empire. I have more money, control, and power than I thought possible.

And none of it means anything without her.

The wife I never wanted—the one I was forced into marrying—somehow stole my heart. Hell, she became my heart.

Then she left me.

I’m empty without her. Just going through the motions, not really living.

But none of that matters now.

As it turns out, she’s in danger and it’s all my fault…again.

I’ll do anything—beg, borrow, steal, or kill—to keep her safe.

And when it’s all said and done, I am going to get my wife back. Because living without her for a single minute longer?

Not f*cking possible…

Unbroken Union is the continuing dark mafia romance between a sexy antihero and the strong, beautiful heroine he never knew he needed.