by – Kyle Keyes (Author)

Hobbs Creek Police Chief, Alvin Phillips believed it was his lucky silver dollar. 

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Book Description:

Homicide detectives, Donde Clark and Juanito Lewis moved to Hobbs Creek just days before banker, Richard Ghetti was gunned down in the front room of his Lake Powhattan, water front cabin.Barbershop talk had it that divine providence played some part in transferring the two NYC lawmen from the Big Apple to this backwater town in South Jersey. Hobbs Creek Police Chief, Alvin Phillips believed it was his lucky silver dollar. The Six-O-Clock news refused comment because the incident did not relate to the Corona virus.

Reviews for the Book

Under the Bus by Kyle Keyes is another adventure for the good citizens of Hobbs Creek. This small town feels fortunate when two homicide detectives moved from New York City to work on their police force. Especially after the local banker was gunned down in his own home. Donde Clark is impressive with his Hollywood smile and height. His partner is just the opposite, not even five feet tall, but smart as a whip. The killer has at least three kills under their belt. Can these officers get the evidence that is needed to convict?
I love all of Kyle Keyes's novels. Under the Bus introduces two new characters while keeping us up-to-date with old and favorite characters. The plot and humor are exclusive to this author, the same as his writing style. The characters are well developed, with exceptional personalities. Overall, the more I read from this author, the more I enjoy the novel. I highly recommend it to anyone partial to silly humor and fun characters. - JoJo Maxson

About the Author: Kyle Keyes

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