Once they take you in, you’ll never get out.

Relentlessly pursued by the Pacelli crime family, a terrified Angelica finds refuge in a local church, and soon she’s falling for Mark, attracted by his honorable intentions and sense of duty. But she doesn’t yet know about his questionable past.

A sudden murder reveals what she’s been missing—there is a traitor somewhere in their midst, and Angelica must figure out who. After barely escaping a kidnapping, Angelica finds herself in the arms of another man. Torn between the two men she loves, she is as lost as ever.

As dangerous games of love and betrayal play out, no one can tell where the trail will lead—to redemption or destruction.

Angelica becomes involved in something much deeper, and now knows there is a traitor amongst them. Someone isn’t telling the whole truth, but being undercover, you can only stay hidden for so long.
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“Can’t wait for the second one”

Five Star Review on Amazon By WCH

Great read! Most entertaining, and loved the twist! Can’t wait for the second in the series! Hurry!

About the Author

As a writer and a reader, Marks considers good books to be both therapy and a welcome retreat from the stresses of daily life. She writes in such a way, that you will use your own imagination, as she doesn’t over describe every detail in her stories.

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