Unfettered Journey

A literary cross-genre love story and adventure, for the intelligent reader.
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Unfettered Journey takes you on a journey inside your mind and into the future. The author presents several pertinent philosophical problems – the book explores the nature of the human mind, the possibility of machine awareness and asks about how, if at all, any determination of these phenomena could be possible. These are all essential questions in a world of rapid technological development - in a digitalized world of information - but where the mind still remains an impenetrable mystery. However, Mr. Bengier does not stop at these, still only theoretical, issues but proceeds with confidence into the realm of moral and political philosophy. He brings to light the dangers of increasing surveillance that modern technology facilitates and he raises questions about the possibility, or perhaps impossibility, of our current political systems and means of distribution. He imagines the prospect of a society restructured in order to face the impending issues of the modern world, but also the danger that such a restructuring of society could imply in terms of social justice and personal freedom.

-- Stefan
Book Description:

A literary cross-genre love story and adventure, for the intelligent reader.

Book Awards in 2021:
*** Eric Hoffer New Horizon Award (Best Debut Fiction) and *** Grandprize Shortlist
*** Eric Hoffer Book Award (Spiritual Fiction)
*** The Wishing Shelf (UK) Finalist (Adult Fiction)
*** National Indie Excellence Award Finalist (*** New Fiction, *** Science Fiction)

“It’s a captivating and fast-paced futuristic love story…a future that feels eerily authentic…”
– She’s Single Magazine
Unfettered Journey is the story of Joe Denkensmith, an AI scientist who seeks to create true robot consciousness. He leaves everything behind to find answers. But a mysterious woman on a personal mission interrupts his search. Fighting unjust forces, Joe is swept into an evil plot that neither can elude. Their struggles against machines, men, and nature test the resilience of the human spirit.

Set in a richly imagined near future, this is a cross-genre novel combining thrilling action, adventure, and a love story. It traces an epic journey – from inside the human mind to the vastness of space, from AIs battling in the desert to the peace of a mountain refuge. It asks social, spiritual, and philosophical questions that will linger. How does the will to survive bring clarity to the human experience? What would you sacrifice to achieve social justice?

Gary F. Bengier (Author)
Gary F. Bengier is a writer, philosopher, and technologist. We all have many journeys. Gary’s began in a small Midwest town, where he could play unfettered in the woods, finding an early love for nature and learning self-reliance. The space program and the night skies hooked him on astronomy. After finishing college, the wide world beckoned, and his fascination with science drew him to California to participate in the booming tech industry. Now he still stares upward, wondering what it all is about. After a career in Silicon Valley, Gary pursued passion projects, studying astrophysics and philosophy. He’s spent the last two decades thinking about how to live a balanced, meaningful life in a rapidly evolving technological world. This self-reflective journey infuses his novel with insights about our future and the challenges we will face in finding purpose. Before turning to writing speculative fiction, Gary worked in a variety of Silicon Valley tech companies. He was eBay’s Chief Financial Officer, and led the company’s initial and secondary public offerings. Gary has an MBA from Harvard Business School, and an MA degree in philosophy from San Francisco State University. He has two children with Cynthia, his wife of forty-three years. When not traveling the world, he raises bees and makes a nice Cabernet at the family’s Napa vineyard. He and his family live in San Francisco.
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