Universe in Flames – Olympus Rising (7 Books + 2 Extras) Box Set: An Epic Space Opera Adventure

That unknown force could be the key to survival.
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This 7 book compilation of the first part of Universe in Flames was mind blowing when the individual books were released. Words like captivating, action-packed, unparalleled intrigue, drama and romance seem trivial when combined into this masterful 7 full book collection created by Kallias. He has single-handedly taken the Sci-Fi genre to new height never before imagined! Kallias has added 2 new stories in this set that it was an incredible leap to take (even for Kallias), but his development of this new storyline is seamless and is brilliant. The development of the main characters like Chase, Sarah, Saroudis and the Furries to name a few is a finely woven web that gives us tremendous depth into their back-story. You feel like you have known them your entire life. With all the additions and special extras Kallias is giving you in this set this makes it an absolutely necessary addition to your collection. If you have never read any works by Kallias, this is the set to purchase and you will be hooked for life. I have said it in previous reviews that first there was Star Trek, then Star Wars and then Universe in Flames. Now, Kallias has surpassed even his great creation with the Olympus Rising 7 book set! The cover alone rates 5 Stars! The 3-D effect is off the chart!!

-- Michael R. Slezak
Book Description:

I am Fury. Evil has followed me to Earth. I shall Protect this World until my Dying Breath.

The best edition yet! Contains a brand new exclusive Story (Saroudis’s Destiny) & more extras.

The Star Alliance has fallen, and the survivors flee into the unknown.

To a small planet called…Earth.

Even aboard the Destiny, ace pilot Chase Athanatos has always felt like an outsider…like something different was coursing through his veins.

That unknown force could be the key to survival.

War is coming – the most devastating war the universe has ever known. On the Destiny, morale is low. And Earth hangs in the balance.

Is Chase ready for the task ahead? Can he survive an enemy feared throughout the ages?

Find out in the best version yet of the Universe in Flames best-selling saga. 3000+ pages of non-stop action. Join the ride today and discover why readers praise this series so much.

Olympus Rising contains a brand new story (Saroudis’s Destiny) as well as a sneak peek of the prequel series (& loads of other Extras). More details below:

-The prequel story Wings of Destiny
-A new & exclusive story: Saroudis’s Destiny
-A sneak peek at the upcoming Athena Prequel Series
Character interviews
-A beautiful digital Art Book: The Art of Christian Kallias (downloadable)

Join Chase Athanatos and take part in his journey to save the stars. Live his adventures as if you were there yourself, and escape to a world where galactic conflict and mythological figures collide into an edge of your seat, action-packed reading experience. Buy your copy today!

Aided by an abundance of Sci-Fi characters with supernatural powers, Bestselling Sci-Fi author Christian Kallias has a secret. He lives two lives. One in the real world and one inside his own creations, in worlds where he can lay down the foundation of his universes for both his and your enjoyment. Guess which world he prefers? Christian Kallias is the bestselling author of the award-winning Universe in Flames Space Opera series. Subscribe to Christian’s spam-free email list and get the free & exclusive Universe in Flames book DAMOCLES FALL: http://bookhip.com/DPRBLX Check Christian’s website for news, blog posts and giveaways: http://www.christiankallias.com
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