Unlucky for Some

The 1,000-year-old domination of The Fourth Reich has now begun.

A parallel Earth where Germany and the axis powers won World War II, with the UK now being part of the wider Germania.

The 1,000-year-old domination of The Fourth Reich has now begun.

A hexagonal sphere tears through space, from a future time, and lands off the Baltic Coast, Germany, in 1944.

Churchill’s Special Operations Executive (SOE) embark on a perilous mission to retrieve the hexagonal sphere and bring it to the safety of London, for further investigation.

The events that follow lead us to 1969, where four persons; Matt Cianelli, Birgit Bauer, Laurie Armstrong and Mick Thompson, unknown to each other, will come together, attempting to thwart The Fourth Reich’s plan to invade and take over our Earth.

The hexagonal sphere had certain capabilities, with one being able to create a portal to our Earth. The Nazis will use this portal to provide them with an invasion corridor.

ScI-13, a UK government Scientific Intelligence agency, will lead the heroic fight against the Nazis but first, they must determine who is involved and when and how they are going to invade us.

As The Fourth Reich’s invasion plan evolves from a strategy of four waves, it appears the Nazis will prove invincible against ScI-13’s heroic four, or will the four determine what the waves are and provide an offensive counter-strategy?