An Old House with a Secret…Charlie Love is terrified. Something is taking over her mind and body at night while she sleeps. There is a presence in her newly renovated home, and she’s facing it alone. Soon, she discovers that she’s up against insurmountable evil, and has no idea how to fight against it. A Team Ready to Take On the Unknown…Doug and Scott McQueen are experienced, paranormal investigators, but they aren’t prepared for what haunts Charlie. Sheila Mathers wants to help, using her psychic abilities, but it’s an evil unlike any of them have ever encountered. A Blood Feud from the Past…Charlie and the team are stunned by the rancid evil. The hauntings are too incredible for them to ignore. Their trail leads them to a blood feud, long buried in the old, haunted house. Why did the spiritual battle begin? Why is Charlie the target? How will the small team fight the deep darkness that they face? Follow the team’s investigation as they strive to solve the most dangerous case of their lives.
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