In an effort to escape her past and start a new life, newly divorced Tori, a former English teacher, takes a job as a live-in nanny for Kim’s two daughters. Taking care of quiet Madison and spirited Emma is a dream job, but Tori is haunted by guilt and can’t seem to run far enough away from the secrets she tried to bury. But when her duties send her to church with her charges, Tori’s path collides with Pastor David, who challenges her to come face to face with her past and start finding a purpose in her new life.

Unworthy is Diana J Eichner’s first published novel.
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“Be proud of this accomplishment Diana!!!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Glenda A.E. Zimmerman

I just finished Unworthy and found it hard to turn off my Kindle
To stop! It has a wonderful clean read story line. Thank you.
Looking forward to your prequel and future endeavors!

About the Author

Diana J Eichner lives in rural Pennsylvania with her husband and two daughters. She is a certified English teacher and holds a Master’s degree in special education and autism spectrum disorders. She currently works as a behavior analyst in a private special education school. She is a bookworm, a daydreamer, and a lover of cheese and all things purple.

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