It’s 2070. After almost thirty years of absence and presumed dead, Byron has come back from Gnosson to save Earth’s humans from impending extinction. True, he’s no longer human and far more powerful that any vampire, but the task won’t be easy.
When human, he had been the sickly, socially awkward scion of a lineage going back all the way to Charlemagne and Theodosius II, only child in a loving if very unusual family of archaeologists, willing to sacrifice everything for him. Since childhood this ranty, opinionated French count would travel the world and endure the unendurable at the best genetic therapy clinics, doggedly clinging to life. Against all odds, he would follow on his parents’ footsteps and risk it all at tombs and buried temples, in remote and lawless places, collecting priceless artifacts and amassing beyond fabulous wealth.
But one day, at Death’s doorstep in one of those digs, he’d meet Trann—‘not exactly’ a vampire ghost—, who would offer him a bargain no self-respecting archaeologist could refuse. Then he’d suddenly wake up amnesic, in a strange dungeon where no one would seem to understand him, and almost go insane; a place of Egyptian gods who look like vampires; a place where time appears not be linear—and he, suddenly and inexplicably, in perfect health.
After earning his freedom, having found his rightful place among the Librarians, he would embark on the most unusual archaeological expedition and vampire hunt of his life—fulfilling, while doubting it, a Prophecy as old as the Covenant of Gnosson itself.
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Excellent book”

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“Vampires of Gnosson” has depth, texture and color gradations aplenty. It’s like a canvas in which Rhenn paints, with many light strokes, the angst, the fears, the rage, the isolation and alienations of this French future “Dracula”. The book is complex and, like a rich meal, requires careful chewing to effect a good digestion; but then becomes extremely satisfying.

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Passionate for a liveable planet, scifi, history, politics and such. Doing what I can to keep Earth habitable & free. Even my vampires are politically engaged.

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