Vanessa Sue Bailey 39 Years Old Virgin Trusting God for a Husband

Vanessa Sue Bailey 39 Years Old Virgin has a history of bad dating experiences surrendered her love life to God.

Vanessa Sue Bailey a 39 years old virgin with a history of bad dating experiences. She has a secret that she tried to hide since her teenage years. Will she let her secret prevents her from having unconditional love in the future? There were two things she was thankful for – being a child of God, and blessed with intelligent. Vanessa a smart woman, but her life took another turn when she got fired from her high-power position at a prestige Corporation. When she hitted rock bottom after losing her career – her flesh fell down to the ground, but her faith arose supernaturally taken control of the situation beyond her imagination. (Christian Single Ladies your faith can opened the door for you even in the storms of life.) This is an INSPIRING and MOTIVATIONAL Christian love story.