51+QK89cYAL._SX329_BO1,204,203,200_The 5th volume of Poetry clearly expresses the interest Marshall takes in publishing poems. Often the crossover from Prose into Poetry is quite obvious (Prosetry). In between the task of editing the 2nd and 3rd part of his Novels: The Chrysanthemum Trilogy, he finds much pleasure in dabbling in poetry of all formats and genres. The first volume: Whispers in a Thunderstorm pulled together a collection of poems that were written over a 5 decade period. The 2nd Volume Chiaroscuro emphasised a rejuvenation of poetic skills and concepts. The 3rd volume: Continents on Fire focused on the unrelenting social and political global scene. The 4th volume: Tequila & Temptation played on themes of adulthood, parenthood and finally this 5th volume: Velvet Voice & Vice deals with the theme of relationships, love and laughter and new friendships. The different stages of growth are apparent in these five published volumes. Enlist as a fan and enjoy this journey into poetry landscape with all its beauty and splendour, bask in the sunshine of these exquisite verses and use hundreds of ideas and concepts in your work. Readers on the online websites, where these poems are regularly published, have commented on Marshall’s creative energies and the multi-dimensional quality of his prose and poetry.

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About the Author

Marshall E Gass lives in Auckland, New Zealand. The family moved here three decades ago. He is proud of his Anglo-Indian beginnings and draws extensively from these cross-cultural roots.

Marshall did his early schooling at St Josephs College Coonoor under the Brothers of St Patrick. He completed his High School at this College. He met his wife Maureen Robert in the same town a few years later and they married in 1982. His first child Sarah was born in 1983 and his son Jason in 1985.A few years later he completed his first Masters Degree in English Literature.

In the years between 1990-1996 Marshall used his entrepreneurial skills to set up several import/export businesses, garment manufacturing factories and consultancies. In later years between 2006-2010 the family owned two upmarket Pizzerias in Epsom and St Johns at Auckland.

Marshall pursued further education and by 2003 completed his second Masters Degree in Science Education, a Post-Graduate Diploma in Teaching and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Information Technology Education from Auckland & Waikato Universities. In 2006 he entered the Doctoral Programme at Centre for Science Technology and Education Research(CSTER), Hamilton. The PhD remains incomplete.

Marshall was always a good writer. From early schooling to this day he enjoyed writing and has published extensively across a wide range of topics, ranging from Religion , Philosophy, Business Management, Opinion, Short Stories,Poetry, Letters, Essays, and dozens of articles on Education and Research. His work has appeared in Education Review, Computers in New Zealand Schools, TechNz, Education Weekly, South Waikato News and Waikato Business News( New Zealand) and Leadership, Education & Research ( Australia)

Marshall has completed his Trilogy: The Chrysanthemum Trilogy and three books of Poetry, all of which are now published and available on Amazon and a range of 3500 websites worldwide.. The first part of the Trilogy is now published ( ISBN 9781493137848)and is available on Amazon and other websites. Over the next few years Marshall plans to write 13 books. The next non-fiction work is titled: 5G.

Ad of date 12th Sept 2015 , 9 books have been published. The latest release Beautiful Brushstrokes was released on Aug 29,2015.

The 10th book, a Novel titled Cover-up is down to its last few chapters and will complete this target for these last two years.

As an Entrepreneur, Management Consultant, Researcher, Teacher Novelist and Poet his writing skills have straddled several genres. His focus at the moment is to concentrate wholly on Novels, both fiction and non-fiction, and Poetry.

The novels ( Part 1 and 2; Transition and Tragedy) + Beautiful Brushstrokes is now being translated into Spanish, French, Chinese, Hindi, Tamil, Bengali and Tagalog and will be published in China, India and Philippines for those regional and worldwide markets. In the next stage move scripts and translations of poetry books will commence.

2016 will see the writing o the Non fiction books: 5G, Keys to Contemplation, Kiwi Curries, 1882 and others.

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