Chosen in a rush, Dr. Vera Mortina joins a small medical group, but without adequate exploration of her rather unusual background. Her sudden arrival is accompanied by acrimony, odd and disturbing idiosyncratic behaviors, and the unexpected deaths of several patients and staff. The closer Dr. Richard Bates looks into Vera, with her violent thoughts and bizarre hobbies, the more imperiled his own life becomes.
Dr. Mortina is very appropriately a member of the Dangerous Doctor series, which also includes : Her Charm Was Contagious, Surrogate and Bloodbird.
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“Dark with psychological depth”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Romuald Dzemo

Vera Mortina by Dimitri Markov is psychological and medical thriller that explores the dangers of putting patients into the wrong hands or does the danger only involve the patients. Richard Bates hires Vera Mortina into his team in a hurry, because they are getting many patients and the existing staff isn’t manned enough to cater to them. But not long after her arrival, he begins to observe her oddities. He could have let go of the idiosyncrasies of the tattooed woman except for the unusual deaths amongst the patients.

Who is behind these deaths? Could it be he has hired the wrong person, without taking the time to research her background? Is he safe?

Read on as the Bates embarks on a feverish investigation to uncover the truth and can he do it on time to avoid more deaths in his hospital? One of the things I enjoyed about Dimitri Markov’s writing is the suspense he builds into the plot. The author also seems to have done a great job in researching medical procedures and practices. Vera Mortina will be a delight for fans of this genre.

About the Author

Dimitri Markov (n.d.p.) is a physician and writer of intense medical fiction on the theme of Dangerous Doctors. Markov gets his too-near-to-real-live material by observing others in the greater healthcare field for their actions, beliefs, hopes, fears and fantasies. Markov employs his lifetime of medical experience to explore the ill-defined boundary between medical fact and medical fiction. His Dangerous Doctors series of medical fiction includes: Vera Mortina, Her Charm Was Contagious, BloodBird, and The Surrogate. These works tell the (fictional) stories of good doctors, nurses and various health care providers, and doctors who are dangerous because of their faults : anger, jealousy, insecurity, greed, and mental illness. Dangerous to patients, dangerous to themselves, and certainly dangerous to those doctors and nurses they work with every day. Themes include in vitro fertilization, paranoia and insecurity of aging, commercialization of medical care, and the transplantation of consciousness. If you enjoy true-to-life medical fiction by Robin Cook, Michael Palmer, Patricia Cornwell, Carol Cassella, Kathy Reichs, and Arnaldur Indridason, and the writing style of Scott Turow, then you should be reading Dimitri Markov’s Dangerous Doctors series. In that sense, it would probably be dangerous for you to relate to your own health care providers the same way again.

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