Vex and Valor

Ella is fighting to survive in critical condition. Is Ben responsible for what happened to Ella?
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I bought this book because I know the author. I honestly didn't know what to expect. I knew from her theater background she definitely would have the talent to write a book so I decided to give it a try. I was AMAZED by the storyline. It tells the story of two families,who otherwise would have had nothing in common if the daughter from one family hadn't married the son of the other family. I was hooked from page one and was disappointed when it was over. I hope Debby keeps her promise of continuing the Crawford /Hayes family saga. I highly recommend this book.

-- Melanie Giek
Book Description:

She felt like her little heart was beating out of her chest. Peeking through a crack in the door, 10-year-old Vanessa witnesses a horrific scene. Following the altercation, a neighbor finds their mother bleeding and unconscious. And her children are missing. What happened to Ella and her kids?

“Vex and Valor” is the saga of two families from completely different sides of the track, literally. Tim and Vee Crawford have a picture-perfect life. They are parents to four children and are lifelong residents of a reputable housing development in Brookton, PA. Georgia and Zeke Hayes have always struggled to make ends meet. They move with four of their seven children here from Tennessee landing in a cul-de-sac for the railroad personnel searching for a better life. Their families become introduced through the courtship that leads to marriage of their two youngest children – Ella Crawford and Ben Hayes.

Ella is fighting to survive in critical condition. Is Ben responsible for what happened to Ella? Many think so, some think it was an accident. Searching for the truth, we watch the families become even more entangled and continue to seek answers about Ella. The Crawford and Hayes children grow into adults, each with careers and families, theories and more secrets. The story starts to unravel mounting to when the truth about Ella is finally revealed. If you love “Vex and Valor”, the saga of the Hayes and Crawford families will continue! Next – “Verdicts and Vows.”

Debra Jo Myers (Author)
I am a first-time novel writer who wrote my first story in 1st grade. My teacher thought it was so creative, she submitted it to Children’s Digest where it was published. It was way back then when she told me that I would write a novel one day. This is my 3rd attempt, having written my first novel on an old word processor! Now more than 50 years later, I’m excited to be publishing “Vex and Valor.” I have to thank my family. I’ve been married to Alan, who is the best man I’ve ever known, for almost 9 years. We reside in Peru, IN with our dog and three cats. Peru is the “Circus Capital of the World,” where I performed for 10 years. I’ve also been in theater since 4th grade as an actor, director, and writer. Alan and I are the parents of five – Tiffany, Aimee, and Derek, who all live near us. And Maleigha and Kaziah, who live in Oregon. We are also Nana and Papaw to five more – Makenna, Taylor, Izaac, Jameson, and Joelle. I suffered an attack on my spinal cord and was diagnosed with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis in 2016. My disease is stable, and I’m receiving the best treatment from my neurologist and my husband. It has been a struggle learning to live in a way I’m not used to, after working 50 hours a week as a manager for Kroger. Now on disability, I spend my time reading and writing. I have written a number of short stories about my experiences. If you love “Vex and Valor”, Vex meaning afflicted and Valor meaning fearless, the saga of the Hayes and Crawford families will continue! Next…”Verdicts and Vows.” I’m so excited and thankful to Amazon!
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