Vineyard Vengeance

Definitely a worthy addition to anyone's book shelf. Great for mystery/thriller lovers.
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Book Description:

WINE, WOMEN AND …..MURDER Vintner Patricio “Pat” Vega appeals to cop-turned-Catholic priest Raff Rafferty for help when his vineyard is threatened with destruction by a blackmailer. The threat is followed by a series of mysterious deaths of individuals close to Pat and his winery which are ruled ‘accidental’ by authorities. Raff, however, believes that they are cleverly disguised murders and a vicious killer is loose in California’s wine country. VINEYARD VENGEANCE is a tense, taut thriller crammed with unexpected twists and turns that will keep you guessing from the first exciting page to its breath-taking surprise ending.
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Robert Joseph is a literary genius! How does he keep coming up with these remarkably entertaining stories, these incredibly original characters you have never, in all the books you’ve read, never read before? The Robert Joseph well never runs dry. I nominate Joseph for the author with more tricks up his sleeve than any writer alive. I won’t give the plot of Joseph’s latest tour de force away and spoil it for you. No, you must read the book and be as utterly transfixed as I was. Each part of the story is so well crafted and so believable, no matter how unbelievable (yet made believable by the author) the circumstances. Joseph outdoes himself in plot innovation; everything holds together so beautifully. At one and the same time, the author weaves everything you ever wanted to know about wine – vineyards, care and cultivation, manufacture and marketing of wines and the people who are important in the industry – into the story so deftly and expertly that you don’t even realize all the information you’re absorbing. I must admit, I was sorry to see many of the wonderful characters in Book #8 of the Raff Rafferty series meet their inevitable fate; I was enjoying each one so much that when they were bumped off (always in such imaginative, creative ways), I really regretted the loss. As Raff Rafferty and his daughter Fati appear again, each book bringing new revelations about their character development, I can hardly wait for book # 9 in the series. And speaking of series, this one should definitely be a TV series. Kudos to the one and only Robert Joseph.

-- Jeanne Rejaunier

Robert Joseph (Author)

After selling 1 million+ print books, and being published with Ballantine, Berkley, Fawcett, Pinnacle, W. H. Allen, author Robert Joseph comes to the Kindle with his latest and 10th novel, LONG AGO AND FAR AWAY, a coming-of-age story set at the end of World War II, which is currently available at, as are some of his other past literary works. Robert is currently working on the Raff Rafferty detective/thriller mystery series, the first of which DEADLY DESIRE is now available and will be followed very soon by others in the series. In addition, Robert has written many screenplays, including the film THE DIVINE LOVERS and works for the stage which have been produced in Los Angeles.

Definitely a worthy addition to anyone's book shelf. Great for mystery/thriller lovers.

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