51TDSWiQkNL._SX319_BO1,204,203,200_Are you ready to turn unbelieving, skeptical, first time visitors into believing regular attenders, fulfilling the purpose and plan of God for their lives? Throughout this book there is a weaving of the story thread from the Queen of Sheba’s visit to the kingdom of Solomon. It examines how his ministry teams were the difference in the way the Queen entered the kingdom, and the way she left the kingdom. Every community is filled with Queens of Sheba who are unbelieving and skeptical about what they have heard about the Kingdom. The church has touted, rightly so, that the Kingdom of God is the most desirable place to be, and how ones life can be changed dramatically by entering it here on earth. “Lee West has thoroughly raised our sights to the value of guests that visit our churches. His book provides a clear and inspiring Biblical mandate to value visitors to our churches. The book also gives very practical guidance on how to achieve that goal. It is a must read for any serious church leader that wants to reach his or her community for Christ.” ~ Danny Tice, Lead Pastor of Bay Shore Community Church Sunday messages, billboards, newspaper columns, flyers, etc – have been broadcasted to our communities about how awesome God and the church is. We do this in order to get the skeptical unbeliever to become a visitor. The issue has never been with our message or the methodology in which we delivered it, but has been in how we confirm our message as the visitor finally decides to walk through our front door for the very first time. The message that we broadcast to the world about Jesus is truly a miracle message, and one that is remarkably difficult for some to believe. * Are you really ready to change your community? * Are you ready to close the back door on your church? * Are you ready to spend as much effort in preparation as in presentation? The message in this book will offer some insight and guidelines to help with these efforts. God wants to work with us for victory, and one of the truest victories a church can obtain is turning an unbelieving, skeptical, first time visitor into a believing, faith filled, regular attender serving the purpose and plan of God for their life. If we are willing to take a hard look at our ministry teams as the catalyst for changing a community, and willing to execute the change among our teams, nothing is impossible.

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Bringing a Breath of Fresh air to training your church volunteers”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Monica L.

This book has revolutionized the training of our old and new volunteers wanting to serve in our congregation as Greeting Team Members. The 5 star experience is demonstrated from the parking lot, the opening of the doors, worship service, and in all the interactions with every volunteer involved in our worship services. We use this model from adults to teenagers. Lee West prepares you to equip your entire teams to serve with excellance in all areas of your worship on any night of the week. This book is a breath of fresh air to those who are looking for innovation in equipping churches everywhere to keep the first time visitor coming back again and again. We are thankful for such a timely resource in a fast paced digital world. This book brings relationship back into the church.

About the Author

Lee West is an Executive Pastor for Liberty Church, based out of Pensacola, Florida. He regularly works with ministry teams within the local church to inspire, motivate, and encourage excellence in order to see churches grow, capture more salvations, and create an impact on their communities. Lee has owned several businesses, served in corporate sales and marketing roles, served in pastoral roles including involvement in overseas missions in Russia, Mexico, Bahamas, India, Ukraine, and the Philippines. He holds a B.A in Pastoral Ministries from Liberty Bible College and an M.ED in Educational Administration from Oral Roberts University. He resides with his lovely wife Missy in the beautiful Gulf Coast area of Gulf Shores, Alabama.

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