Do you want to boost your vocabulary knowledge, read and comprehend new texts, and be a good conversationalist?
Do you feel that your writing style stays the same every time you put your pen to paper?
Do you like to improve your learning habits and enhance your memory and attention?
Do you struggle understanding course content in college, or are you a teacher who wants to help your students build their academic vocabulary?

If any of the above applies to you, I encourage you to read this book. It identifies and offers help for most issues that arise when you encounter new words which might hinder your understanding of a new text or involvement in conversation. These moments of disconnection come from not knowing words. Thinking strategically and improving your autonomous self-learning skills are the basic aims of this book; they will help you to retain new vocabulary into your longer-term memory and develop your language. For over 10 years, I have been a language learner, teacher and researcher. I have carefully researched and gained so much knowledge from these topics (vocabulary acquisition; vocabulary learning strategy). Now, I am ready to put this book in your hands for you to use as a reference. My greatest motivation to write this book was my students. They struggled hard to keep up with academic work and to write excellent college papers. Now, I want to share what I know to help people like them This book contains the self-learning strategy that each learner has but may not know how to use. The Vocab-backup Strategy has been analytically collected, designed, researched, and finally published to enrich your learning habits with the most important skills you need to build up your vocabulary size. With its sequential processes and procedures, you can develop an excellent knowledge of new vocabulary, beginning with Step 1 – Look for synonyms first – up to Step 5 – Remembering Strategy for Writing.
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“Very interesting approach in learning second language”

Five Star Review on Amazon By APS

In this book author is explaining the 5 strategies that are to be followed in order to enrich our vocabulary that is essential in learning new language. I will definitely encourage my kids to apply it when studying foreign language.

About the Author

Adel M. Alharbi is a PhD student at The University of Memphis and as a language teacher (previously). He has been teaching EFL & ESL students for over five years but also coaching and volunteering to assist second language learners in different levels. He is also, a cultural consultant, interpreter and translator of English and Arabic language. Alharbi’s major research interests falls into; Vocabulary learning strategies, Second language Acquisition, Intercultural Communication, and ESL studies. Email:

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