It wasn’t that long ago that the world we live in was run differently. Some of the past still surrounds us, but is much less prevalent. The world of which I speak was controlled by money and power. Those who had it suppressed the weak and poor. The suppressed had no choice but to abide by the suppression. This show of power existed in every aspect of life, from love to war. During this time, bias and prejudice were ways of life. The wealthy did as they pleased. They married to keep status. This still happens today, but not to the same extent. Many were forced to learn to love, rather than be free to find it as were the poor. The poor could find their mate, rather than be forced into an arranged marriage. Love and life were very much dependent on the class into which you were born.
This book is the story of a man, who wished to be his own man. He knew his place in this world wasn’t what was given or laid out before him. Jacque wished to make his own way. During his exploits, he found himself on foreign and biased soil. This is where his life would change; it would begin. He fell in love with a woman he was forbidden to marry. Their love for each other carried them to places neither of them thought possible, both good and bad. This is a story not just about love, but life. Unfortunately, it is honest and true, for life is filled with as much happiness as it is pain. Here is Jacque, a Frenchman, who loved Elizabeth, an Englishwoman, and their story.
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“Very thoughtful novel!!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Melinda Remington

“Voyage of The Soul” takes you on a journey through the lives of several characters. The author does a great job of describing the characters in such detail, the reader can’t help but connect and relate to their feelings and actions. Their is an underlying love story, but it is not your typical sappy romance. The story of Elizabeth and Jacque relates to real life and the struggles and trials that true relationships go through. The story takes place in a different era, but many of the tribulations that Jacque and Elizabeth have to face could just as easily take place in today’s society. Jacque is such a strong character with deep emotions. He faces so much devastation in his life but continues to persevere and do what needs to be done for the people he loves. Their story, along with the stories of some of the other characters in the novel, resonated deeply within me which led me to feel true emotion while reading the story. I feel a sign of a good book is when you can connect so deeply to the story and the characters that you feel and envision what they were experiencing. I was truly impressed for this being a first time, self-published novel by the author.

About the Author

Brett A. Reif was born in New Jersey and now calls North Carolina home. He has spent quite a bit of time traveling the country just to see all that it has to offer. His preferred means of travel is by car, so that he can stop and truly enjoy the nooks and crannies. Brett is a father and devoted Christian. He then spends his time teaching, volunteering, and writing. He loves all sports, but especially baseball and football. Brett enjoys all outdoor activities and will often be seen laying in his hammock or grilling. As far as writing goes, Brett believes in keeping it pure and honest. He does not confine himself to just one genre. He sees the beauty in all forms and writes according the moment.

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