Wait for the Turtle (Ages 6-12)

Princess Charity Ann Spaniel of Paw Print Paradise is excited! Her father has picked out a special prince just for her.
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Read and finished it as soon as I got it! Definitely a wonderful book with a great message that we all need now more than ever! This book has a character lesson that can be taught to the old and young reader alike, and I really love how there are questions after each chapter prompting discussions that encourage family reading time together. Perfect giftable book for the children in your life. I personally can't wait to purchase for my young friends and family when a special occasion arises such as birthdays, Christmas, etc.. I hope there will be more character lesson books in the future! It sure would be quite a collection. 😁

-- Hannah Challender
Book Description:

Princess Charity Ann Spaniel of Paw Print Paradise is excited! Her father has picked out a special prince just for her. Now all she has to do is wait for him to arrive at the castle…

But, as Charity soon discovers, waiting is hard! Will she settle for the first handsome prince who comes along? Or will she trust her father’s wisdom and wait?

Join Charity on her adventures as she gets into humorous scrapes and learns the importance of character along the way. Discussion questions and a King James Bible verse at the end of each chapter help readers of all ages reflect on the character traits explored in each chapter.

Briana Johnson - Christian Author (Author)
Briana Johnson’s earliest memories involve telling made-up stories to an audience of stuffed animals. After her brother was born, she had a new captive audience. Her family encouraged her to begin writing these bedtime stories down, and the writing bug bit. She currently lives in Warrenton, GA with her family, a spoiled rotten cocker spaniel (Hershey Kisses), and a squeaky toy obsessed Yorkie (Buttons). Her hobbies include cooking, sewing, papercrafting as well as various other crafting styles, reading, writing, and raising puppies alongside her family. To say she’s a ‘dog-lover’ would be putting it mildly. Growing up, dogs were always a special part of her family, and she loves to see the joy their puppies bring into the lives of their new families as well. Briana still enjoys writing for children. Through her stories, she longs to point kids to Christ and teach them necessary truths to help them as they grow. She attends Grace Baptist Church and is a born again Christian (saved on March 11, 2015).
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