It all started with a kiss and promise. 

Every year, the Winter Haven Christmas tree farm transforms into a rustic, woodsy, winter wonderland. With acres of pine dusted in snow, little cranberry-red shops for browsing, and Santa Claus as the main attraction, people travel for miles to experience the enchanting farm.

But for Finley Whittaker, the owner of Winter Haven, the magic and enchantment is wearing off. What used to be her favorite time of the year, in her favorite place, is feeling like a burden. She wonders if this is the year she should let the farm go and move on. Perhaps she’s been holding on to a twenty-year-old promise for too long. Maybe the kiss a young boy had given her beneath the glow of an old lamp light, with snow swirling all around, should be left a distant memory.

Twenty years earlier, Jackson Bloom visited what he thinks is the best place on earth. Winter Haven was where a young girl had enraptured him. After one magical winter day spent together, he made her a promise he would return. So far, it’s the only promise he’s ever broken. But this year, he’s given a chance to go back.

Will Finley and Jackson endure another Christmas wondering what could have been? Or, with a little help from Santa Claus and the magic of the holiday season, will they both find that piece of their heart they’ve been missing all these years?