51i4u3zrDNL._SX312_BO1,204,203,200_Book 1 of “A New World Fantasy Novel Series”.
When a powerful witch has an idea that will get her back to her home world known as, Wanderamid, it backfires. The spell she created the night before had already begun. The clouds in the sky became thicker and darkness increased greatly with silent, flickering lights of lightning. It was too late to stop it, and no one could change it, not even her.

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“Amazing Book”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Ashley

Wanderamid’s Crystal Ball is a great book. I truly enjoyed delving into thi fantasy.

The places and descriptions are imaginative and keeps your attention. The characters, although from different worlds, impact a feeling of love, caring, understandings, and respect…all except for the evil character that is.

The story i serious yet comical. You are drawn into the fantasy yet still feel at home. Each page makes you want to read more. The end leaves you to your own imagination. However, I hope there is a sequel. It’s a great wholesome book with a mixture of real life situations and fantasy. I recommend this to people of all ages. This is definitely a great book to read to young children.

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