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Darkness. Misery. Death. Her family and countrymen slaughtered by her warlock cousin, Mordarius, and his ilk, followers of the Dark Lord, Ryadok. Beaten down but fueled by hatred, heroine Merewyn Havalseth stubbornly survives years of brutal slavery before making a daring escape. Aided by four men she doesn’t entirely trust, she directs her steps toward Ha-Ran-Fel, land of the savage Horse Lords, where she hopes to gain the strength to return for Mordarius’ head.

But complications arise. Her new companions hunt Lord Ryadok’s beast, the Baugonril, born of magic, indestructible, and capable of destroying every kingdom still fighting Ryadok’s yoke. Thrust into increasingly daunting circumstances, Merewyn finds she must look beyond her personal quest for vengeance to the salvation of her world; yet her broken heart holds little else but hate for her cousin and suspicion of her companions.

Dogged by Mordarius’s soldiers and her own inner demons, Merewyn survives maelstroms, near starvation, the dangerous crossing of the raging Ashgard River, and a nearly-fatal encounter with Baugonril before reaching her destination, only to meet suspicion and contempt. She must prove herself worthy to avenge her family and save her world as the Warrior Queen of Ha-Ran-Fel.
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About the Author

Idaho-born Sandra Kopp is a lover of chocolate, builder of kingdoms, and ever a dreamer. Fantasy and paranormal romance remain her favorite genres, but she is also working on a western based on an incident from her father’s childhood. WARRIOR QUEEN OF HA-RAN-FEL, her first novel and Book 1 of her DARK LORDS OF EPTHELION trilogy, debuted in July 2012. Book 2, entitled A DARK MOON RISES, followed in January 2014. Her third book, CASTLE OF BLOOD, is slated for release early in 2016.

When not writing, Sandra enjoys photography, hiking, cycling, and playing the accordion.

Also, check out her boards on http://www.pinterest.com/SandraAKopp/

For Goodreads members: Sandra has just created two quizzes, one for each published book. Look for them under the tag ‘sword and sorcery.’

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