Watershed: Monique by Kimberley Thompson

Monique is an attractive fifteen-year-old girl who resides in a family that is more concerned about their social lives than the well-being of their daughter.
She eventually becomes friends with twenty-nine-year-old Ken Bleu, a renowned businessman and socialite who mistakenly impregnates her.
Ken is forced to desert her as he happens to be at the peak of his career and is being pressured into marriage by his mother.
Monique’s world is about to crumble as she loses it all: the man of her dreams, her reputation, her baby, her family and for an instant- her sanity!
Monique finds herself at a turning point. Which road will she take?

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“A captivating coming-of-age story, written in an agreeable style”

The writer doesn’t avoid dark subject matter and flawed characters, which get light shined upon them as the plot progresses.

As a remedy for this (i.e. to avoid bogging the story down with too much drama), the “tone” is light-hearted enough and the dialogues often have a whimsical take to them.

The invisible narrator doesn’t pick sides and regularly switches between the differing viewpoints, keeping the reader guessing.

Basically (as the synopsis explains), it’s about a psychologically isolated girl of high standing who becomes pregnant way too earlily — and the “Russian nesting doll” of ensuing events that are set in motion by this

Five Star Review on Amazon by Andreas De Wulf


About the Author

Kimberley Thompson is a gregarious and altruistic youth advocate with passions deeply embedded in community development, youth empowerment and nation-building. She enjoys reading, writing and volunteering. Kimberley is currently an International Relations major at The University of the west Indies (Mona) and she resides in Jamaica.

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