downloadAll of life flows in beautiful waves of light connecting us to our Creator. Messages from our cohabitants on this planet~those in non-human form~can ease our path to peace within ourselves and inspire harmony among us all, bringing healing to our planet. Pen Augustin is an energy healer or lightworker, as some would say. She gives a voice to the various life forms of our world by connecting with their essential energy and consciousness. When entering into the archives of the Akashic Records, Pen communicates with guides who express the soul wisdom of those who share our beloved Earth with us~bodies of water, animals, insects, even the moon. Each of them has an essential role in teaching us about the unity and value of our sacred existence. Pen shares personal stories of awareness as she shares bits of her own and others’ healing journeys. Peace of mind and joy of heart are everyone’s birthright. Humanity’s awakening will usher in paradise for all who dwell here.

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“Waves of Light As a Spiritual Nature Adventure”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Rosalynne Meyer

“Waves of Light” gave me a wonderful sense of spiritual adventure with Pen Augustine’s experiences with nature beings and their messages. Owl, Deer, Butterfly, Birch Tree, Turtle, Lady Lake Michigan and other nature beings happen to be part of her neighborhood and the nearby wooded bike path. The messages, stories and insights these beings share with Pen dovetail beautifully with what she also shares about herself as a spiritual intuitive healer dedicated to spiritual transformation for humanity AND the natural world. It’s inspiring, fun and poetic!

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Author of Waves of Light and The Full Mood. Founder of Lady of the Lake Holistic Health. May all of life have great health and be filled with much joy!

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