Waypoint by C. F. Waller

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Book Description

***WINNER OF THE 2017 McGRATH HOUSE INDIE BOOK AWARDS*** Stacy’s life is in free-fall, her daughter killed by a drunk driver, her husband taking his own life only months later. She finds herself clutching a handgun, searching for a sign that tomorrow will be any better than today. At this auspicious moment her cell phone rings, bringing an offer that may postpone her soul searching.

The discovery of an airplane graveyard containing a dozen commercial airliners is shocking. When the deep-sea salvage camera’s reveal them to be virtually undamaged under six-thousand feet of water in the Indian Ocean, theories abound. Who put them there? How are they still in one piece? What reason could there be?

Stacy is about to learn the answers to those questions, as well things she’d prefer to forget. Along the way, she’ll have to solve this puzzle, and many more to prevent an even larger disaster from happening.

This book contains the following: tiny robots, falsified government identification, autonomous drones, ATM malfunctions, mid-air collisions, fear of sharks, Australian bar pranks, pointing guns out the window of a moving plane, video games, Area-51, milk shake do’s and don’ts and everyone’s possible need of at least one good friend.

Read at your own risk.

C. F. Waller is best known for his award winning science fiction novel Tourists of the Apocalypse. His work has been recognized by Shelf Media Magazine, Indie Excellence, Readers Favorite, McGrath House and recently in the 2017 BGS Pitch Contest. His other Award Winning novels include, South Face (Paranormal), Waypoint (Mystery/Thriller) and Freedive (Techno-thriller).
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“Interesting from beginning to the end”

Five Star Review on Amazon by C.U.S.T.O.M.E.R.

Lots of action, great characters. Right up there with today’s action writers. Found it difficult to put this book down. I felt that each chapter was exciting. Will watch for more from these new writers.

About the Author

Award winning novelist C. F. Waller is a three time medal winner at the Miami International Book Fair. He was also recognized by Shelf Media in 2016 when his novel, Tourists of the Apocalypse (2016), received recognition in their Best Indie Book Contest. T.O.A. was also the overall winner in the Science Fiction category by National Indie Excellence in 2017. More recently his novel Waypoint (2017), was chosen as the overall winner by McGrath House in the Thriller genre.

His novels are available in e-book, paperback and Audio book.

He published his first science fiction novel at age forty-seven, after a flight on an ill-fated commercial airliner over the Atlantic Ocean, that nearly became an episode of Why Planes Crash. This experience illustrated for him first hand that writing about exotic or dangerous locales was safer than traveling to them. Since then, he likes to think his meticulous research and storytelling gives readers a clear sense of their grandeur, without the inherent risk of flying.

After narrowly escaping the academic death-grip of several universities, he worked in nightclub, took a turn as a new car salesman, and did hurricane shutter engineering. His favorite authors include Oscar Wilde, Kurt Vonnegut Jr and Michael Crichton. His favorite novel is “The Picture of Dorian Grey” by Wilde, which inspired a bigger than life oil painting that hangs on his bedroom wall (seen in the picture on this page).

Though he’ll forever be a Midwestern boy at heart, he now lives on the gulf coast of Florida with his wife Tina and one fuzzy feline companion. If he’s not working on a new novel, you can find him volunteering at church, playing overly competitive Yahtzee with his spouse, or indulging in an unhealthy addiction to competitive cooking shows on television.

Twitter: @wallercf

For Links and new release information go to C.F. Waller’s Website at . . . http://cfwaller.com

Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/wallercf

Email: cfwaller24@gmail.com

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