dfdfddffdRachael Delanie was a very spoiled brat, her step father was the late great golf legion Lorenzo Delanie. She was used to getting whatever she’d wanted growing up until her step father begin hanging out with the wrong crowds. The web begins to become woven when he begins to pick up those bad habits that nearly has costs him to lose everything that he owns. His carelessness with funds put such a strain on his marriage until Rachael’s mother files for a divorce from him but she later learns down the line that she has an internal battle of her very own that she now has to face herself. He’d thought that he could snap back quickly by taking out a large loan from a mobster’s loan shark business to help him catch back up on some unpaid debts and save his marriage. But mysteriously Delanie comes up missing after he blows a very important golf tournament that leaves him unable to payback the mob. Now it becomes a race against the clock to find him and the Mob immediately becomes the number one suspects in his disappearance. As the plot thickens so does the web of lies, cheating and now there could even be a possible murder. The web begins to unravel when Rachael the woman that was once used to be so sheltered is now learning quickly how to survive on her own while questioning everyone that she comes in close contact with. Her inner intuition tells her to trust no one. Keep your eyes and ears open! What a Crooked Web We Weave!


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